What is a snail’s pace?

Yesterday, as I was cooling down after a run, I saw a beautiful snail creeping along its way across the pavement. Snails in our complex are not unusual. If I think about it, their numbers are actually a little disturbing. Continue reading


Ban Maggi. Ban Knorr. Ban Yipee. Ban Top Ramen. Ban all others.

Would you want to feed yourself or anyone one you love “processed-beyond-recognition-wheat-flour-that-can-sit-in-your-gastrointestinal-tract-for-upto-7-days-before-being-broken-down-enough-to-be-expelled,-with-the-nutritional-benefits-of-a-fraction-of-a multivitamin-pill-plus-cardboard”?


Would you sit down with your friend at a movie and say,”Come on, let us share 23 (or 44) teaspoons of sugar!”?

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This is a wonderful mediterranian chickpea based dip that goes well in salads, as a bread spread as well as a dunking base for veges.

The original recipes call for tahini (Sesame – Til – Paste). However tahini is expensive, difficult to find in most regular stores in India, and packed in large bottles. Since the only use I have of it is for hummus, the entire bottle (minus the 2 tbsp required for hummus) goes waste

So, I have experimented with and used till seed and come up with a pretty decent version of hummus. Here goes… Continue reading