Hello world!

My name is Radhika. I am a fitness addict. I have been working out since the year 2000  – since before it was trendy to work out. I created routines for myself when there was no concept of personal trainers. Mixing up aerobics, weight training, interval running, power walking, yoga, swimming and dancing – I’ve had FUN! 😀

I love to exercise – it is my stress buster. Cooking & baking are my creative outlets. I firmly believe in cooking at home.

Join me if you want to embark on a journey that is committed to helping you understand what it means to be fit, away from the jargon and trendy trends ;). I am discovering this everyday. These pages are an attempt to collate everything I read and experience. You will not find any fads or miracle techniques (unless I am debunking them). You WILL find information from experts, schedules you can follow, recipes you can try, discussions you can join. And all the support and motivation you need!


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