Apple Crumble

A lovely treat when that sweet tooth strikes. It can be made for one or in a batch. It is packed with iron and natural goodness. Add cold milk to it and you have delicious and healthy breakfast. The best part – it takes 10 minutes to put together and 20 minutes to bake. The ingredients are all always in your pantry. So from thought to mouth – it takes a total of 30 minutes. Continue reading


Honey-Mustard Baked Fish & Veges

I love baking my dinners because it requires little or no slaving over the stove! You can just mix everything and dash it into the oven. And then sit back with a glass of wine ūüôā

Prep time: 10 mins (1 hour for marination)

Cook time: ~20 mins

Serves: 4 Continue reading

Banana Bread

This is a really wonderful bread that comes together in less than 10 minutes and takes about 45 minutes to bake. Easy to make on a weekend Рit lasts a full week and provides a ready, healthy snack to carry along wherever you go. You can toast it and butter it. You can eat it cold, straight out of the fridge. It is truly a blessing.

Prep time: < 10 mins

Cook time: 45 mins

Serves: 12-13 hearty slices  Continue reading