Every corporate flunky worth her or his salt, will at some point(s) in their career, have uttered the words,“Let us make a plan for this project and ensure that we track the milestones and/or deliverables.” or a variation thereof. Continue reading


Ban Maggi. Ban Knorr. Ban Yipee. Ban Top Ramen. Ban all others.

Would you want to feed yourself or anyone one you love “processed-beyond-recognition-wheat-flour-that-can-sit-in-your-gastrointestinal-tract-for-upto-7-days-before-being-broken-down-enough-to-be-expelled,-with-the-nutritional-benefits-of-a-fraction-of-a multivitamin-pill-plus-cardboard”?


Would you sit down with your friend at a movie and say,”Come on, let us share 23 (or 44) teaspoons of sugar!”?

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Organic Strength Training Workouts

A few days back, I was doing a kickass workout led by our running coach today, when it struck me – this trend of todays’ city women not strength training has no historical basis. Take India, for instance. As a primarily agricultural economy till a few decades back, our women were active field workers, took care of all household work, raised children, carried water, lugged firewood – the completion of all of which was highly dependent on the strength quotient of women. Continue reading

Why Pain is my friend

Pain is my challenger – mocking me into giving in.

It makes me groan, but make me stronger when I grit my way past it.

It tells me I am doing it right.

It takes me one step closer to my goals.

Hmmmm – it sounds oddly like an ode, but it’s true. And all you people who train, know exactly what I am talking about.

I am talking about groaning-while-you-reach-for-an-apple, shuddering-when-you-sit-down kind of pain that comes because you have pushed your muscles really hard. Now they are recovering and becoming stronger in the process.

Pain leavnig

I am a huge fan of the Rocky series. In particular, the training scenes that come after Rocky gets beat up are beyond thrilling. Continue reading