What success looks like

Body designed to feel good

Success …

… Your 7 year old looks at you with big eyes, saying – Wow mamma, can you teach me how you did that?

… Your kid’s role acting play involves ‘I am exercising!’.

… You’re looking in the gym mirror to correct your running form and don’t recognise yourself because you aren’t bounding any more! You’re gait is smooth!

… At 10 PM at night, you want to unwind. You strap on a pair of shoes and step out for a brisk walk, instead of slouching in front of the TV.

… You walk by a store mirror and stop in shock because a muscle that wasn’t visible earlier is now shimmering through!

… Your abs feel tighter. Your butt looks smaller. Your face glows.

… The store assistant advises you to try on a size smaller than you requested. And it  fits!

… All your senses work together and guide you to wholesome food. It is not a toss up or an act of will anymore.

warm up

… Your warm up starts looking more and more like a full workout.

… A missed workout is painful. But hey, tomorrow is another day!

What does success look like for you?


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