Nah, You will never have enough time

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A dear friend has been trying to get into a groove to get fitter. With some recent progress, she was kicked enough to give fitness a serious shot. We started working together, and among other things, agreed that she would work in three 30-minute workouts (her choice) into her weekly schedule.

Now, she is a mom to 2 wonderful children. She works a full-time job (which basically means that she has two full time jobs – her job outside home and being a mom). Her days start very early and ends late. She does all her cooking on her own (which is wonderful – can you imagine the love her family gets through her food!). And, to top it all, she is a strong pillar in her community.

She started with a bang and had a spectacular 2 days when it came to sticking with the meal plan. She didn’t fit in a workout. Then, things started sliding. Work and home started taking over. Over the remaining 5 days of the week, she gave in to pressure and switched back to her regular pattern.

Her plea to me, “Things will be better next month. I will take this up then.” I told her to call me when she was freer.

This was two months ago. She gets it now.


I am talking about one friend, but I am really not. This is such a common story in people’s quest for fitness – it is heartbreaking.

Ask yourself this:

What can be more important than staying fit so that you are able to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

It is an unavoidable fact that one has to earn a livelihood; but how can your well-being come in at such a distant second, when it comes to claim on your time?

What can be more important than your health?

You will never have enough time to do all you want. You will also never get this time again.

Get yourself up and out and about. Give your body and life what they deserve.

Get fit, get active.

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