Organic Strength Training Workouts

A few days back, I was doing a kickass workout led by our running coach today, when it struck me – this trend of todays’ city women not strength training has no historical basis. Take India, for instance. As a primarily agricultural economy till a few decades back, our women were active field workers, took care of all household work, raised children, carried water, lugged firewood – the completion of all of which was highly dependent on the strength quotient of women.

This got me thinking of strength training routines that could be conjured up by just doing regular work. We talk about organic food. Here, composed for you, is an organic strength training workout. Now, you would notice, since I had to rack my brains, I am not doing these regularly. However, I may now be inspired 😉

As good for men, as for women.


Organic Strength Training Workouts

  1. Jhaadu – Poncha / Katka: Not with a vacuum or a be-handled mop. Use the traditional broom to sweep up the dust. Use a cloth and a bucket of water to mop up your floor. An all in one workout. Once a week should be enough to get you started!housewives-exercise
  2. Washing clothes: Not with your washing machine. Think about the working your chest and arms will get if you wash your clothes the traditional way – soak the clothes and then use your arms to lather, rinse and wring them. The occasional obstinate, tough cloth will need a banging on the floor. Have you tried lifting a cotton double bedsheet when it is wet? That, right there, is a weight training session for you. And if you decide to squat while washing the clothes, your buttocks and thighs will thank you for it. Again, once a week will give you a solid workout.
  3. Washing utensils: No, loading and unloading a dishwasher doesn’t count. Though it is definitely a step above getting your trusty bai to do the dishes! Think stubbornly stained utensils, washing liquid and a scrubber. You’ve tailored an upper body workout for yourself. Once a week should do it.
  4. Kneading, chopping and cooking: Kneading a tough dough for pooris. Whipping a cake batter or egg whites into peaks without the aid of the mixer. Chopping yams, pumpkins and other large vegetables. Standing while cooking, stretching out or squatting / bending down to get ingredients. Can you see how much kitchen work can help you? Twice or thrice a week is good; everyday would be perfect!
  5. Playing with kids: My father says,”Keep pace with a child for half an hour each day and you will never have to worry about weight issues again.” It’s true – if you’ve ever seen children at play, you’ll see that they are constantly sitting, standing, jumping, sprinting, walking, skipping and most other verbs. Phew! Now, this is a fun strength workout – wouldn’t you want to do it everyday?

Can you think of any more?


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