Why Pain is my friend

Pain is my challenger – mocking me into giving in.

It makes me groan, but make me stronger when I grit my way past it.

It tells me I am doing it right.

It takes me one step closer to my goals.

Hmmmm – it sounds oddly like an ode, but it’s true. And all you people who train, know exactly what I am talking about.

I am talking about groaning-while-you-reach-for-an-apple, shuddering-when-you-sit-down kind of pain that comes because you have pushed your muscles really hard. Now they are recovering and becoming stronger in the process.

Pain leavnig

I am a huge fan of the Rocky series. In particular, the training scenes that come after Rocky gets beat up are beyond thrilling.

If you are a fan too, then you know the scene in Rocky 4, when he is training to take on Ivan Drago, the crazy ass Russian boxing machine? The Hearts on Fire scene – NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Watch it here – if it doesn’t make you quake in your boots and send you scuttling to the gym, then I don’t know what will!

If you cannot watch the whole video, then just see this picture below.

Let’s pause for just one minute and think about what it would take to make our bodies do something this insane. Now unpause, and go back and watch the video, because it is full of stuff like this.

I’ll leave you with another one of my favourite characters’ from the movies. To be fair, he didn’t say this, but you can imagine him saying this 😉 :


<NOTE: It is important to understand the difference between exercise pain and injury pain. Injury pain is longer lasting, constant, throbbing and localized. Exercise pain is limited to 2-3 days post exercise, confined to muscles, but more diffused, exacerbated due to movements, with only soreness during rest. A better description is given here. If you think you are injured, see a doctor! Get better, and get back to your routines!>


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