The perfect routine – reality or myth?

There are always these amazing workouts that keep cropping up. A few years ago, there was spinning (a form of high intensity stationary biking). Floor work outs are seeing a revival. Pilates and yoga have been around for a while and showing no signs of decreasing popularity. (If you are interested in more details, you can find an actual survey report here).

So, what do you bet on – is there a perfect routine or isn’t there?




Weight training?

A combination of many?

My answer? Of course there is a perfect routine for youat a particular point of timethat changesas you change.

This is common knowledge – surprising your body by constantly changing your work out makes sure that you are always on your toes – literally. It abates boredom. You do not fall into a routine – the unexpected makes your body work harder to adapt.

warm up

Let’s take runners for instance. I am a short distance, slow runner. (I am not naturally athletic – I didn’t even run much as a child – but that’s a whole other post). My running training group has some fantastic amateur runners – sub-4 hour marathoners, sub-2 hour half marathoners. My own husband is a 100-minute half marathoner.


Yup, that’s true. I plod along with these super runners.

Any hoooo … Most runners use sprinting (“fast tempos”) as a regular part of their training, but slow running is usually out of syllabus. And here’s the thing – these super runners have epic struggles when asked to run at a pace slower than their usual pace. So while I do a little internal jig when our trainer yells, “Slow down!”, these people all groan out loud. And here’s something even funnier. At the end of the slow run, they are breathing more heavily and sweating more profusely than they do at the end of a run at their regular speeds. They are out of their comfort zones and that makes the training tougher!

New work out forms are always welcome – they add spice and variety. Keep in mind though, your training goals should determine with what your routine should look like. I’ll be covering that in my next post.

Help me out here – tell me, what is your training goal?


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